Is this safe to use on my TV?
Yes! TV Sport Coach was designed to be used and abused!  It’s thinker and stronger than the regular TV screen protector and durable enough to draw on the TV with Dry Erase Markers.  We designed it for Sports in mind!

Will this leave residue on my TV?
No, TV Sport Coach uses the newest Silicone technology, similar to your new cell phone screen protectors.  You can apply and remove as needed without leaving a residue on your TV.

Can I use other color dry erase markers on the TV?
Yes, we use a high grade dry erase eliminate on TV Sport Coach.

Can I throw markers at the TV?
You can, but we don’t advise it.  We believe in our product but can not support the TV manufactures materials.  TV Sport Coach will reduce the pressure on the screen and help keep it from scratching.  A good rule is: have fun, play hard, just don’t throw your markers at the TV set!

I have a white spec showing up on the TV screen?
Well, it just means you did not get all the dust and lint off your TV before you applied the material.  In most cases with the TV on you will not see it, but, if it is bothering you then  carefully remove the film and use the dust removing tape on the screen and re-apply.

Is installing my TV Sport Coach difficult?
No, the key is to have patience and to carefully clean the screen when applying.  Remember, when applying TV Sport Coach, do it slowly! Its just like a large cell phone protector.

I want to buy additional microfiber towels and markers, how can I do this?
Each TV Sport Coach 28” or larger come with two dry erase markers and one microfiber towel, along with an additional glass wipe microfiber towel.  If you need more just visit our store and buy additional markers and towels.

I have a bubble on my TV Sport Coach… what do I do?
Easy, just go back to the direction and re-install TV Sport Coach.  Its really easy to install, just wipe down your TV Screen to remove dirt and dust, slowly apply directly to your TV.  If you see any bubbles happening again use the plastic credit to push to the corner of the screen.  When the TV in on in color you should not see any bubbles.