TV Sport Coach is the most effective Sports Training Aid on the market.

TV Sport Coach is a clear high-resolution TV Screen Protector with dry erase elements which allow athletes, coaches, and parents to draw directly on their Television screen or electronic devise with dry erase markers.

TV Sport Coach is this EASY… Apply, Draw, Erase, Remove – Be a Student of the GAME!
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Video tape yourself practicing a sport, then play it back on your TV.  Study your film and draw directly on your TV screen using TV Sport Coach to perfect your skills.

When you’re done using TV Sport Coach, simply take it off and store it or leave it on your TV to protect the screen from EVERYTHING!  Draw on the TV like the Pros.

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Who uses TV Sport Coach?

TV Sport Coach is being used by Athletes, Coaches, Parents and at Sport Camps across the USA as a quick, cost effective way to train and review film with athletes!
No learning curves, no wires, just apply your protective TV Sport Coach shield over your TV screen and start drawing with dry erase markers.


Starting at $19.99. Be a student of the game!



Use TV Sport Coach to watch the big game at home with friends. When your team scores draw on the TV like the announcer! It’s fun, educational and you get to rub it in your friends face on the big plays!

Watch the big game at home!


TV Sport Coach Shield Tech Design

TV Sport Coach SHIELD Tech – designed to be a shield for your TV while you draw on the crystal clear TV SPORT COACH dry erase element finish!
With advances in Silicone and Polymer technology we created a hi-tech application that requires no wires, no expensive gadgets and has no learning curve.
Simply place TV Sport Coach on your TV and Draw. TV SPORT COACH is safe to use on your TV and electronic devices. It’s designed tough, like you!

Be a student of the Game!